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  • "Doctor Barb diagnosed our Bella with bone cancer. Gave us all our options. She was very patient with us. She did a wonderful job with the amputation. Bella is now recovering wonderfully."
    T Guild
  • "The care and attention givin to my cats is beyond wonderful. Love the doc n the staff!!"
    Brenda V.
  • "The best place ever. They love all the animals, it's not just a job. Would never go anywhere else. My cat is my life, I trust them 100 percent. If you love your pet, then take them to the best. Yes he is in his mini recliner."
    Karren K.
  • "It's awesome. Customer service is wonderful and arrived early and they got us right in before the appointment time. Very skilled and very professional."
    Niki L.
  • "This place is hands down five stars! They truly care about their patients. They have taken great care of my bunny twice now. They even seen her on a Saturday when I called in concerned about her. The vet I have seen is very knowledgeable of rabbits and the tech working with her was great too and knew what they were dealing with right away."
    Kara W. V.
  • "Another pleasant visit with our local veterinary service & helpful staff. They are a well-trained group that gets the job done. A big thank you from Ben (baby boy) & Bella (busy girl)."
    Gary H.

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